Friday, April 28, 2006

Stupid Human Behavior Number 562

Someone whom I really don't like is coming to spend a couple of nights here.

Now if I were dwelling in the Animal Kingdom, what would I do? When this pompous ass showed up here I would snarl, revealing my long fangs and swat at the intruder with my bared claws. What an awful hiss I would make. If only . . .

Alas, as a human I was born. Worse. I have Southern karma. So how am I choosing to spend this beautiful day. I'm scrubbing everything in sight. I've done one bathroom and the guest room. I've got to buy groceries, mow the lawns, clean the fridge, do laundry and ironing. My ankle hurts and I'm in a rotten mood.

What struck me as I was bent over the bath tub with green meanie in hand (OK it needed to be cleaned anyway) was how bizarre my behavior is. If one of my dear loved ones were coming here, would I be lifting even a finger? Nope. So someone who I don't like is getting all of this special treatment and my loved ones get nothing. It occurred to me to remember that when I'm doing something with someone I love. Let me give a little more of myself.

How truly stupid I am. I'd love to write more but I've got to go clean . . .

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Blogger Tim ID said...

So it has been a week since you cleaned. I'm dying to know how the visit went? Are we going to see numbers 563 and 564? :)

May 05, 2006 4:52 PM  

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