Friday, June 01, 2007

The Dummy is back . . .

My dear, dear Friends.

I apologize that the Dummy has been missing for almost a year now. Here is a little post by way of explanation.

After the retreat last summer, the Dummy had such a hard "crash" that it has taken a year to put her back together. There simply wasn't enough Dummy in one piece to make any post at all.

Then, again, that's what Dummies are for. Dummies fall apart because they face really tough situations. They are useful that way.

I am happy to report that the situation has greatly improved for the Dummy. She has just completed a three month odyssey, traveling all across this nation to visit her loved ones. You can see her here, before her reconstruction was complete, surrounded by her friends as they offer her their support, hospitality and love. This week, she returned home, has been gently refurbished and is ready for service. The Dummy has a completely new living situation, is training for a new job and is feeling much better now.

Thanks for stopping by and for all the comments I have received. I'm so pleased to announce that the Dummy is back and looks forward to being in touch again. See you soon. . . .