Saturday, December 10, 2005

History in the Making

I've been terribly busy in the last little while. I had company, got a HUGE Fantom Drive which took me days to fill, installed some incredible new software and wrote my first web application. She's a beauty, with full CSS styling, a hand-crafted Perl script and W3 validation. Man, she's hot!

Let's see, I also got my brother to take some annoying personal information about me off his homepage. I swear, he is such a difficult person. I was trying to tell him how I really didn't want details about a previous marriage out there for the world to see.

"But it's History!" he exclaimed increduously.

"Read a book," would have been one possible response. Or "I happen to be living my life right now." Jeez. Does he we're the Kennedy's or the Royal Family or something? It just made me want to gag.

There has never been any step along my path where my brother hasn't let me down. I've asked him the simplest of things in times of real need. Nope, couldn't do it. Everything has always been a drama.

So for all of you future college students out there who, in some distant future, maybe doing meticulous research into my early years--sorry.

Let's see. Oh, I decorated my room for Christmas. My decorations consisted of one string of multi-color lights (with a white wire) strewn across my altar. I paid $2.50 at Longs for them. That's it in terms of Decoration.

My focus this year for the holidays is "Let's put the IS back in Christmas!"

May you be well and not completely miserable this holiday season...

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