Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tolerance Vs. Celebration

I once attended a workshop about race, gender and stereotyping. At one point, a chart was put up on the projector that went something a little like this (I'm recreating this completely from a memory that is more than a decade old).

Negative <-----------> Positive
Hatred Stereotyping Tolerance

The workshop leader pointed out that many people believe this continuum to be a true reflection of the range of feelings people have about race. She then talked about examples of hate crimes and acts of tolerance, etc.

Then she changed slides, saying, "How about this chart instead?":

Negative <-------------------------> Positive
Hatred Stereotyping Tolerance Celebration


At Harvard, scientists have developed a computer-based test that objectively measures the unconscious dimensions of feelings about ethnicity and gender. You can take the test online and, in fact, become part of their research results. A free registration is required.

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