Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The other side of splat

I remember a college professor talking about intelligence and learning styles. He had a chart he scribbled with chalk up on the board. Some people, the more intelligent among us, sit down and consider the possibilities, weighing out their options and thinking about the consequences of their actions. They make decisions based upon what would be good for themselves and helpful to others.

The others, the less intelligent of the species, learn from trial and error. We try this, or that, and, ouch, gawd, that hurts. Sometimes we're not even smart enough to stop (. . . drinking, dating that abusive jerk, maxing out our credit cards, whatever).

I notice I'm using "we." Not to include you, my dearest reader. I'm just identifying with these boobs who go through life, groping, crashing into the sharp edges and coming out with pieces of us missing (sometimes literally).

He used the example of the auto mechanic. Some go to school, read the manual, get trained and learn through asking questions. Others, at least in theory, just take off a part from the engine, put on a new part, and then waits to see what happens.

I test too high on standardized tests to be the dope I am. Yet here I am--making the same mistakes I've made before. Not knowing where I'm heading.

It's painful. It's how I feel...

Here's something from a cartoon I once saw (I can't remember which one). A young hippie asks her guru, "Tell me where to go."

He points off in a directions and she goes that way. Then you see the word "SPLAT."

Again the hippie asks the guru, "Tell me where to go."

Again he points in the same directions. The young woman heads off in that directions, faithful to his instructions, and again "SPLAT" feels the frame.

Again, the woman, now soaking wet, covered in mud and tired, stands before her guru asking, "Tell me where to go."

Again, the guru points to the same direction.

The woman cries, "Everytime I go in that direction, I go SPLAT."

The guru replies, "Where I want you to go is on the OTHER side of splat."

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Blogger Sarahphim said...

I know this post is an old one, but I was searching for that exact comic tonight and found your blog instead. I have recently come to an understanding about life and the learning process that helped me to finally appreciate the comic's full meaning. We talk about a learning curve, but I think it's more of a staircase. You work for long periods and see very little results. then, one day, you hit a wall. SPLAT. You back up, try again, and SPLAT. I often get discouraged at this point. I give up or change directions or whatever. But, what I've come to believe is that at the point of hitting the wall, if you just keep going, you'll find yourself making a breakthrough to a whole new level of expertise.

May 03, 2008 7:34 PM  

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